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Our Gymnast

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Amber is one of our first Girl Talk teens. She has been through a lot and has so much to give back to other young girls and teens. Amber lost her Father in 2014, who was also her #1 Gymnastic's Cheerleader and Side Coach. After the passing of her Father, she became angry and she walked away from Gymnastics and pretty much shut down. She no longer had motivation and drive. During this hard time she connected to our Girl Talk program where she was not only an asset to helping other girls, but also received her breakthrough, motivation and drive. She is now back into Gymnastics, stronger and better as ever!

Our Doctor

Nikketrice is one of our original Girl Talk teens. She is a fighter that has been dealing with health issues since she was young. Since being with the Girl Talk program, Nikki has blossomed unto a beautiful butterfly. Her strength and independence has inspired the other youth into following their dreams despite of their health and current situations. Nikki is now in college pursuing her degree in the medical field.  

Our Athlete

Jeyhlen is also one of our first Girl Talk teens. Jeyhlen has had to suffer through her parents divorcing while also being a big sister, and helping her mom. Through the Girl Talk program Jeyhlen has received the support of her mentor and the other girls to help her through her pain. She has recently received the Most Outstanding Student of the Year for Pre-Algebra award, and is also winning championships in Basketball and Volleyball.   

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