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Congratulations to Our 1st Girl Talk Scholarship Recipient!

We're so proud of this precious jewel. Nia entered in our program the day we open our doors with an open mind. Although she was a bit optimistic and leary at first she watched and observed but our love drew her all the way in. By the next meeting Nia was Ready and Willing to grow stronger, better and smarter. Her Mother and Grandmother is a dedicated Member of Sisters Empowering Sister, Inc. People really don't understand the reward behind sacrifice and Dedication.

The requirements in being a recipient to receive a Girl Talk Scholarship is dedication, community service, as well as attitude and grades. I asked Nia why wasn't she attending spring break camp she said, I have to work Mommy Angie. I decided to give her a challenge. I said, "Nia can you come by the camp to work, help with the kids put some community service hours in she said, yes Ma'am!" NIa showed up every promised day helping and serving. I would like to announce Nia will be one of our first of many candidates for our 2016 Sisters Empowering Sisters Girl Talk Scholarship Award.

Nia your Mentor Cureene Rhames and ALL your Big Sisters at Sisters Empowering Sisters, Inc along with VP Elder Carroll and President Angela Benefield-McNair is super proud of you!!! Continue making all of us proud..

~Angela McNair

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