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Sisters Empowering Sisters Girl-Talk Mother & Daughter Seminar..

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

SES, Inc. Girl Talk Mentoring and Entrepreneurship Program Mother and Daughter seminar was a phenomenal success! Mothers and Daughters connected on another level. "You are my Diamond, I am your Pearl!" was awesome!

This weekend was a travel through a love lane for Mothers and Daughters. Not only did it remind us of our Precious Diamonds, but it also reminds her of Authenthic Pearls. SES, Girl Talk empowers, imparts, elevates and sharpens the jewel inside to shine... Our "why" to our diamond and her "why" to her pearl...SES Girl Talk ROCKS!!! Thank you, to all the Mentors, Workers, and Stakeholders that play a role to saving, "ONE GIRL AT A TIME!"

In the picture one of our mothers is presenting her daughter and her niece with their diamonds. Explaining to them why they are "precious diamonds" in her eyes. They now have a better revelation of each other. God is faithful! #SES #GirlTalk #MotherDaughter#AuntieNiece #Grateful

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